Three Activities to Add to Your Colorado Whitewater Rafting Trip

If a raft trip isn't enough Colorado activity for you, considering adding any (or all) of these three activities to your whitewater adventure.

Zip line

Zip lining is all the rage in Colorado, and there are several options for a fun zip line adventure close to Buena Vista. Just imagine the rush of cruising on zip lines up to 300 feet off the ground and through a Colorado forest!  Don't pass up the opportunity for the feeling of flight the next time you’re in Buena Vista.

KODI Rafting is here to make zip lining in Colorado easy. Book a Zip and Raft trip and get the best of both worlds—a morning on a zip line and an afternoon on the river.

Horseback Riding

Few activities embody the West like a good old-fashioned horseback ride through the Colorado mountains. Somehow, wildlife viewing, sightseeing, and simply enjoying the outdoors are just a little better when sitting astride a saddle.

But what are you to do if you have one day to play and want to horseback ride and raft? Well, you book a Saddle Paddle trip, of course!

Get a little bit of everything with KODI Rafting’s Saddle Paddle and pair a half-day on Brown’s Canyon with a horseback ride in the Rockies.


Colorado is a world-renowned mecca for biking, so why not get a little time on the trail in addition to your time on the river? Not sure about an uphill climb or anything too rocky? No worries! KODI has a plan sure to make everyone happy.

Our Pedal Paddle trip takes you to the top of Vail Pass where you’ll coast down the paved trail from the top through Copper Mountain Resort.

Most guests plan on spending about 2 hours to complete the 12-mile ride before returning their comfort cruiser to our Frisco Outpost.

Want more? No problem. Meander all day on your hybrid comfort cruiser or stay on the trails exploring Lake Dillon. A 4 to 6-hour tour will take you on into Breckenridge – depending on how much sightseeing you take in.

Your Raft Guide’s Qualifications

As a guest on a raft trip, you can’t help but wonder how qualified your guide is. I mean, your life is quite literally in his or her hands.

If you’re rafting in Colorado, it’s comforting to know every raft guide must meet a minimal list of requirements set by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

These requirements include:

  • First Aid and CPR certification
  • 50 hours of on-river training using paddles, oars, or whatever equipment the guide will be using on trips
  • Instruction on a variety of other topics, some of which include river hazards, river rescue, emergency procedures, maneuvering rafts, and running rapids
  • Guides must have seen the section of river they will be guiding, and they must pass a certification run with commercial guests and a guide instructor on board the raft

With KODI, training doesn't stop at the minimum. We offer additional courses to improve our guides' river safety skill. These classes include:

Awareness Water and Rope Rescue: A course designed to develop knowledge of scene assessment and incident size up, resource ordering, activation procedures for rescue response, site control and scene management, and hazard recognition and mitigation procedure.

Swiftwater Rescue: A course that provides students with the fundamentals of survival in moving water

Whitewater Rescue: An intensive, hands-on course where guides learn to use techniques and simple equipment to assess and perform river rescues. The emphasis is on speedy, low-tech, and improvised rescue techniques that are effective and require minimal equipment.