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Departure place: Buena Vista

River: Arkansas River

Departure time: 9 am

Approximate trip time: 7 hours

Minimum Age: 18

Base price: $175

Notable rapids: Pine Creek Rapid and Triple Drop

Class of rapids: class IV

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Discover Colorado whitewater mayhem on KODI’s Pine Creek Full Day raft trip.

Pine Creek is the most advanced raft trip offered on the Upper Arkansas River. The full day touris not for the faint of heart and previous paddling experience is required. Pine Creek begins in the Granite Gorge with a series of Class III- IV white water rapids to get you primed. After you’re warmed up your guide will make a quick stop to scout Pine Creek Rapid and Triple Drop, two expert level Class IV rapids that consist of a continuous 1.5 miles of whitewater dropping 200 feet per mile over boulders and steep pour overs.

We will stop for lunch after mastering Pine Creek and all of it’s gnarly, adrenaline pumping, whitewater glory only to continue our day down the Numbers section of the Arkansas River. You and your raftmates will paddle through several class III – class IV rapids over seven miles of Colorado whitewater. These rapids, which slip through a narrow and rocky section of the Arkansas River in Buena Vista, are so intense, they were numbered instead of named.

Put in is at the Town of Granite. CO. The entire trip takes about 7 hours.

Pine Creek Full Day raft trip is an expert level run.  Please call us to discussthis trip as an option!

KODI Rafting asks that all Pine Creek raft trip participants are in good physical condition and have previous rafting experience.

Cool fact: Granite, CO was originally a gold rush town, peaking as a booming city of 3,000. Today is boasts a population of 116 mighty citizens as of 2010 and is nestled beneath the two largest mountains in Colorado, Mount Elbert and Mount Massive. In the late 1800s the rapids on the Northern section of the Arkansas River were viewed as non-navigable landmarks rather than the quintessential class IV classics they’re viewed as today. Hence, they were appointed numbers rather than given names.

**Each of our Pine Creek trips include wet suits, booties, splash tops and all of the safety equipment you need for this extreme voyage.