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Colorado River

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Clear Creek

Class II – IV | Idaho Springs

Blue River & Ten Mile

Class III – IV | Frisco

Arkansas River

Class II – IV | Buena Vista

Dolores River

Class III – IV | Cortez

Wondering what the river classifications mean?

Learn About River Classifications

Getting on the river instills a sense of adventure that is simply out of this world.  Whether you’re looking for a way to add more excitement to your vacation or are just making a quick trip to the mountains for the weekend, few outdoor activities can match the thrill and offer amazing health benefits like whitewater rafting. Here are some great reasons to get outside and enjoy a beautiful day on the river with the KODI rafting family now! 

  • Get Outside: Fresh air activities like white water rafting are more important now than ever. Take advantage of the great outdoors and with an experienced, licensed river outfitter and get back to what’s always been considered the greatest of natural remedies – Mother Nature! Ditching the screen and finding fresh air and splashes on the river will heal the senses and, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling, get your blood pumping with non-stop action.
  • Good Ol’ Fashioned Fun: Get back to when times were simpler. White water rafting has quickly become one of America’s favorite past-times. Whether you are just a short drive away or are planning a longer escape from the daily grind, spending a day on the river laughing with your friends or family is the perfect way to build lifelong memories. A quality outfitter will help you create an adventure that everyone in the group will enjoy. 
  • Once in a Lifetime Opportunity: Whoever said you need a bucket list to be a thrill-seeker? Young or old rafting is a popular choice for novice adventurers and seasoned thrill-seekers alike. The point is, no matter your age, where you come from, or what boating experience you have, rafting is for everyone. At KODI we truly enjoy the opportunity to share the river with folks from all walks of life. We understand everyone has a different idea of what this looks like and we are here to help you choose a trip that even the timidest rafter will enjoy.
  • Intense Adrenaline Rush: Some would say rafting is a thrill that very few sports can match today. Our classic whitewater adventures are a fine option for just a smidge of intensity, or step it up and go all-in for maximum adventure.  Here at KODI we train our own guides and only hire senior staff after a thorough background check of previous river experience. Check out our river classification tool and be sure to ask if you need more guidance on which whitewater adventures are right for you.
  • Health Benefits: It’s been proven that connecting with nature has a multitude of health benefits. We promise that a little time on the river will boost your endorphins and get your blood pumping. Not only will you be practicing some good mental health strategies while you connect with the river, and your peeps, but you’re sure to engage your core while you paddle and maintain your balance. Be sure to maximize your calorie burn by going all-in on a full-day raft trip or pairing a half-day with a zip line adventure or horseback ride.

Enjoy the Best White Water Rafting Experience

KODI Rafting handcrafts the best whitewater rafting trips for you:

  • For Beginners: A beginner raft trip can be designed with the entire family in mind. Whether your beginner is a young child or simply a first-timer but still looking for some thrill, we can build a river trip to accommodate both. Beginners can participate in a mellow and relaxing float trip or opt for a trip that’s got plenty of splashes in real rapids.  No rafting experience or swimming ability is required. Ask us about trips for special needs participants – we are happy to accommodate!
  • For kids of all ages: You don’t have to worry if you have a family with small kids, as we have rafting options that everyone can enjoy (we cater to children as young as three years old). Here we keep it mild with some easy whitewater, small waves, and drifting on Class II water.  There are options that meet the needs of older kids that have younger siblings too! Our Class III river trips are a great fit for families that need a little variety when it comes to how much excitement is desired.
  • Intermediate: Class IV whitewater and maybe even a little drifting to allow you time to take in the scenery. An intermediate raft trip requires you to be in good physical condition and know how to swim. Note that a beginner rafter can also take on this level of raft trip if they are looking for mega thrills! Age restrictions start at 14 years.
  • Advanced: For wild rafters looking for a wet thrill-ride down the river, we have whitewater rafting trips for guests 14 years and above. We do require participants be able to swim and are in good physical health. Underlying medical conditions should be considered in any type of whitewater raft trip you are looking to take.
  • Multi-Day whitewater rafting trips: Our multi-day options make riverside camping easy. Bring your own fishing gear and permit for camping. These trips are suitable for individuals of all ages! 
  • Group rafting: We have the best whitewater rafting options to cater to the needs of any group. Let us help you choose!
  • Exclusive River Trips: Choose a customizable river trip. Let’s chat about what you’re looking for, and we will happily hand-craft the right trip for you!

Stop searching for “White Water Rafting Near Me

Online searches for white water rafting near me won’t guarantee results, but KODI Rafting can! Contact us for a thrilling, fun experience on the river. Our service areas include Breckenridge, Buena Vista, Frisco, Silverthorne, Copper Mountain, Denver, Idaho Springs, and Kremmling, CO.