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The booking desk is seasonal and river trips do not depart from Breckenridge. The nearest location for departures is just up the road in Frisco! Give us a call for quick FAQ’s about rafting in Breckenridge.

Here are some popular trip locations for guests staying in Breckenridge:

All Summit County trips depart from our outpost in Frisco, a 15 minute drive from our Breckenridge booking desk.

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Want to find the perfect location for your first whitewater rafting trip in Colorado? Choose KODI Rafting out of Breckenridge to have a memorable experience during your vacation.

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The Best Whitewater Rafting Near Breckenridge, CO

While one of our closest whitewater rafting locations is near Frisco, CO, it’s an easy drive to the river for visitors staying in Breckenridge.

The small mountain town of Breckenridge is internationally known as a snow skiing destination. But when the snow melts and the wildflowers bloom, you can try other marvelous outdoor adventures such as whitewater rafting or zipline in the area near Breckenridge, CO

Do I Need Experience?

While your Breckenridge rafting trip can be a family-friendly activity great for nearly any age, it’s important to make sure you’re booking a trip that fits the skills or your group or family. Our closest location for whitewater rafting near Breckenridge, CO offers two trips: 

  1. Blue River, is a short 90 minute trip with class II-III rapids, appropriate for most ages and typically runs early season (Memorial day to Independence Day)
  2. Arkansas River, half day and full day trips with Class II-IV Rapids

Is Breck Whitewater Rafting Safe?

With our licensed professionals at your side, whitewater rafting near Breckenridge, CO can be a safe, fun family activity. Here are a few basic tips for staying safe on your trip.

  • Always keep your life jacket securely fastened. No matter what.
  • Always wear your helmet, it’s required.. 
  • Learn how to hold your paddle properly from your guide. Holding the paddle carelessly can result in injury to you or others in the raft if it hits a rock the wrong way. 
  • Stay in the raft by holding on tight! If you fall out, your guide will instruct you on whether or not to head for shore or to swim back to the boat.
  • If you need to swim to shore, never try to stand up and walk in the river current to avoid catching your foot between the rocks. This is the most common source of injury.
  • Listen closely before your Breckenridge float trip to learn the rafting commands. Your guide will go over them in the safety meeting, and they’re important to know!
  • Pay close attention to your raft guide! Your guide is there to help you have a great trip. Listening closely and following directions will ensure everyone has an excellent experience!. 

There Is More than Breckenridge Whitewater Rafting With KODI in Colorado

KODI Rafting is more than just rafting, despite our name. Our adventure specialists can do it all, and they’re happy to take you along for the ride. Whether it’s whitewater thrills, zipline chills, snowmobiling across the mountainsides, or kayaking near Breckenridge, CO, we’re here to show you the best sides of Colorado. We are happy to plan your custom package. Get in touch with KODI Rafting in Colorado to book a perfect tour for your vacation today!