A tourist group engaged in a thrilling kayaking experience on the river

Brown’s Canyon National Monument Half Day Raft Trip

Raft Browns Canyon National Monument, one of the best sections of whitewater in the country. Enjoy the perfect blend of thrilling rapids and calm water—ideal for families looking for a little excitement.

Group of tourists enjoying Browns canyon whitewater rafting

Brown’s Canyon National Monument Full Day Raft Trip

Hold on tight as you surf the rapids on one of the world’s most popular whitewater rafting trips! Our signature Arkansas River rafting adventure offers the perfect mix of Colorado whitewater and calm water as well as a riverside lunch.

Tourist group having fun while Clear Creek rafting in Colorado

Clear Creek Half Day Intermediate Raft Trip

Our intermediate Idaho Springs river rafting trip is a great choice for thrill-seekers and adventurous first-time rafters alike. Clear Creek is located just west of Denver and includes some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country.

Upper Colorado River Half Day Duckie Trip

KODI’s “Upper C” Full Day Duckie trip takes you on mellow water and chill rapids, making it a great stretch of river to try your hand at paddling your own boat.

If you want to explore the Colorado rivers at your own pace, the duckie float is the best choice.

Upper Colorado River Full Day Duckie Trip

KODI’s “Upper C” Full Day Duckie trip takes you on mellow water and chill rapids, making it a great stretch of river to try your hand at paddling your own boat.

A tour group engaged in class 5 whitewater rafting Colorado

Arkansas River Exclusive Raft Trip

Create a private, intimate Colorado rafting trip for you and your party with KODI Rafting’s Arkansas River Exclusive Raft Trip. Join KODI Rafting and enjoy the luxury, convenience, and personalized service of a private rafting adventure.

A far away picture of a group engaged in Browns Canyon rafting

Browns Canyon National Monument Overnight Raft Trip

Take your Browns Canyon rafting trip to a new level by making it an overnight experience. Be one of the few to camp along the banks of the Arkansas River in Browns Canyon National Monument.

A couple engaged in zip-lining amid one of our Big Bend river tours

Zip and Raft

Book our Zip and Raft the Arkansas River trip for a morning of rafting Colorado’s favorite whitewater followed by an afternoon of ziplining. - two fun, quintessential Colorado activities in one easy, incredible day.

Off-Road Rentals

Raft the Arkansas River and explore Colorado in a jeep rental or side by side rental. Home to the incredible Arkansas River, Four Mile Recreation Area and the Collegiate Peaks. Buena Vista is the perfect home-base to explore Colorado by rafting and ATV rentals. Choose from 2 door or 4 door vehicles.

Happy tourist ziplining in the scenic mountainous area

Top of the Rockies Zip Line

Book our Zip and Raft the Arkansas River trip for a morning of ziplining and an afternoon of rafting Colorado’s favorite whitewater. Enjoy two fun, quintessential Colorado activities in one easy, incredible day.

Tourists enjoying horseriding before class 4 whitewater rafting

Saddle Paddle – Horseback Riding & Rafting

Get the best of both worlds with KODI Rafting’s Saddle Paddle. Pair any of our rafting trips with a horseback ride in the Rockies. Make a full day of your adventure or break it up throughout your stay.

Pedal Paddle – Colorado Bike Rentals

Explore the area like the locals! We love cycling here in Colorado and this is one of the best ways to take in the mountains.  The Pedal Paddle takes you to the top of Vail Pass where you'll coast down the paved trail from the top through Copper Mountain Resort. Pair with any raft trip!

Big Bend Half Day Duckie Trip

Go solo or paddle with a friend in an inflatable one or two-person kayak, also known as a duckie. Big Bend, with its calm water and mild rapids, is the perfect section of the Arkansas River to maneuver your own boat.

Dolores river rafting is a smooth and slow paced trip in the heart of Colorado Mountains

Dolores River Three Day Raft Trip

Get lost in the red canyons of southwestern Colorado on the Dolores River Three-Day rafting trip. Long recognized as one of the most beautiful multi-day raft trips in the country, the Dolores River offers towering canyon walls, meandering curves, stunning campsites, and stellar whitewater.

If you’re looking at moderate whitewater rafting class III rapids, but you’re not quite sure where to start, here’s what you need to know.

Whitewater rafting is an amazing activity, and a phenomenal way to enjoy the scenery of the natural world while getting your adrenaline pumping! But it’s important to remember that not all rapids are the same and that class III (3) whitewater rafting is a different experience than class II (2), IV (4), or  V (5).

Who Is Level III Whitewater Rafting Ideal For?

Level III whitewater rafting is considered “moderately difficult”, with irregular waves and narrow channels. It’s perfect for individuals and families that want a rush, but that want a lower-stress way to get the blood pumping. Class III river rafting also allows you the ability to appreciate the beauty and wildlife in the area, and pool drops are more frequent on our class III sections of the rivers – providing the opportunity to take it all in before the next series of rapids!

What Determines Class III Whitewater Rapids?

Many factors go into determining the class of rapids on the river, including:

Wave Height, Drop Height, & Frequency

Both the height and frequency of waves play a major role in determining rapids’ class difficulty. For example, a single large wave may actually be rated class III whitewater while a long string of sustained, medium-sized waves can be rated at class IV. Although drops are usually more difficult to maneuver than waves, multiple medium-drops (also called a staircase) could likewise be classified as more rigorous than a single, larger drop and you won’t experience those on rafting level III.

Consequences of Falling out

What happens if you fall out of the boat? How likely is it that your guide will be able to get you back into the boat safely? What are the consequences if your guide is not able to get you back in the boat quickly? Usually, falling out of the boat on class IV and V rapids carry more serious consequences than falling out while in a category III rivers whitewater rafting.

Rocks / Hazards

The presence of large rocks (visible or otherwise) can significantly contribute to ranking intermediate whitewater rafting as more challenging than class ll rafting. Also, log jams, also called “strainers”, are almost always the most dangerous threats on a river. The presence of strainers near a rapid will instantly increase a rapid’s class.

Required Maneuvering

While this aspect pertains more to your guide, the amount of maneuvering a guide must execute to safely navigate class III rapids in a kayak or a rubber whitewater raft also determines its rating.

Contact Us to Learn More about KODI’s Class III Whitewater Rafting

KODI offers unforgettable class III whitewater rafting for individual and family thrill-seekers alike in different service areas of Colorado. Please navigate to our Whitewater Rafting Locations Section for more details about our service areas, and find the most convenient for you!

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