Tourists engaged in level 5 whitewater rafting in a fast stream

Numbers Half Day Raft Trip

Set in the headwaters of the Arkansas River, this Colorado raft trip takes you down a series of rapids so jam-packed, they were numbered instead of named.

Tourists enjoy themselves while advanced whitewater rafting

Numbers Full Day Raft Trip

Set in the headwaters of the Arkansas River, this Colorado raft trip takes you down a series of rapids so jam-packed, they were numbered instead of named.

Off-Road Rentals

Raft the Arkansas River and explore Colorado in a jeep rental or side by side rental. Home to the incredible Arkansas River, Four Mile Recreation Area and the Collegiate Peaks. Buena Vista is the perfect home-base to explore Colorado by rafting and ATV rentals. Choose from 2 door or 4 door vehicles.

Rafting the Numbers  – A Scenic Adventure on the Arkansas River

If you’re looking at white water rafting in Colorado, you’ve undoubtedly heard of rafting The Numbers. The Numbers is a pristine section of the Arkansas River located near the river’s headwaters, making it one of the most powerful and exhilarating runs on the Arkansas River. 

Located in Buena Vista, CO, The Numbers is the epitome of high-adventure Colorado white water rafting trips and offers scenery, adventure and adrenaline all in one!

What To Expect

White water rafting on The Numbers ranges from Class III-IV rapids, and you’ll experience bumps, drops and everything in between. 

The Numbers is a seven-mile stretch of continuous rapids so intense they’re numbered instead of named. So get ready to experience some for the most beautiful scenery, along with the most adrenaline-pumping adventure that Colorado has to offer!

Half Day Numbers Rafting Trip

Our half day Numbers white water rafting trip is an estimated 1 ½ hour on the water. It  will take you through swift currents and extreme gradient drops as you master eight heart-pumping rapids that comprise The Numbers.

Full Day Numbers Rafting Trip

The full day Numbers rafting trip is double the fun – and after rafting The Numbers rapids, pull over to the side of the river for a riverside lunch prepared by your guide! Afterwards, hop back on the river and experience some of the more technical rapids not covered in the half day Numbers trip, such as House Rock and Frog Rock.

Tips For White Water Rafting The Numbers

1. Prepare for the elements

Rafting The Numbers can last several hours, depending on which trip you choose, so it’s important to be ready for sun and rain.

2. Dress to get wet

You’ll definitely get wet on this intense ride, so wear quick-drying clothes or synthetics, as cotton gets colder when wet. Don’t worry, we have wetsuits and splash tops we can issue you just to cover the bases.

3. Don’t bring valuables 

Leave the expensive jewelry, hats and other accessories in the car. You’re likely to donate them to the river unintentionally while you’re intensely paddling from number to number.

Cell phones are also common casualties on white water rafting trips, and we recommend leaving them behind.

4. Hydrate and Fuel

Rafting The Numbers will work you out, so be hydrated and if you are on a half day trip make sure you have eaten something beforehand. We don’t stop for snacks and discourage generating potential trash on the river. full day trips include a riverside lunch.

5. Listen to your guide

Your guide has extensive river navigation, rescue and medical training. So help them do their job (which is to keep you safe!) by listening to them at all times.

Schedule Your Numbers White Water Rafting Trip Today!

As one of the most iconic stretches of white water on the Arkansas River, advanced reservations are required.  Give us a call at (877) 747-RAFT to reserve your spot today!