At KODI Rafting, our goal and mission to provide you and your family, friends and/or co-workers the highest level of customer service and to welcome you into the KODI family for your time spent with us.  Whether it’s a half day float trip on the Colorado River, or a full day family adventure though Browns Canyon on the Arkansas River in Buena Vista, we also want to make your day on the water as easy and stress-free as possible.  Once you find the perfect raft trip for your family or group, this is what to expect for your day of rafting on an amazing Colorado river or Clear Creek.

A standard day for a guest of KODI Rafting:

  1. We will look forward to seeing you at your designated outpost 30 minutes prior to your trip departure. Online waivers will have been sent in a confirmation email and we ask they are filled out by the time you arrive day of. This allows us time to meet and outfit the group with any gear. All gear is included on any of our trips. Since we see such a variety in weather patterns and water levels throughout the summer, we suggest making a “Game-Time Decision” as to what gear you’ll need for the day. With today’s technology, we have a pretty good idea what gear is appropriate for a day of fun on the river and our expert staff will assist as much as we can in the decision making. We won’t let you go without a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), a helmet on most rivers, and if you choose to slip into a wetsuit, neoprene booties or would like a splash top (a heavy duty rain jacket designed for the river) you’ll have time to get the gear you need and transform yourself into a rafter. You’ll use your car as a locker and we’ll hold onto your keys for you at each Outpost.
  2. At the designated departure time, we’ll be off for the put-in.  Depending on the river and stretch of river you are headed out to experience, shuttle times are between 5 and 15 minutes.  It is here where your Trip Leader for the day will give you a KODI pre-trip briefing.  This will explain all of the what-if questions for the day – think of this like the airline speech you get prior to takeoff.  Once at the beach your Trip Leader will divide everyone up into separate rafts.  Our rafts hold between 6 and 10 rafters and the number of paddlers in the raft will depend on the river you have chosen.  Once you have met your guide for the trip, they will give you a little more instruction as to how to sit in the boat, and if you’ll be paddling, they will explain how they will be calling out paddle commands.
  3. If you are out with us for a full day adventure on the Upper Colorado or on the Arkansas River, your guides will be preparing a hot meal for you riverside while you snack on veggies and dip as an appetizer.  Cheese tortellini, with either a marinara or pesto sauce, bread sticks and tossed salad will be prepared while you relax and watch the river pass you by.  KODI lunches also include lemonade and water as well as cookies for dessert.  Full day trips usually last about 5 hours on the river, including lunch.
  4. KODI Rafting works with expert photographers so that we can capture the perfect picture of you and your family, friends and/or co-workers working your way down an amazing river in Colorado. Strategically positioned, these photographers will snap a series of photos of your boat as it passes by catching smiles, screams, whitewater and laughter. Depending on the river you choose, photos will either be displayed at our Outpost for you to review upon your return, or can be viewed online shortly after your trip.
  5. So, you have decided to raft. If this happens to be your first time experiencing a Colorado river, or you are a seasoned paddler, a day on the river is better than just about anything else (in our opinion). Whether you are floating through the newly designated National Monument of Browns Canyon, or you are up for a quick trip out of Denver on Clear Creek, we want to make sure KODI Rafting is everything you expect us to be. Please make sure to pass on any comments or suggestions you have to a manager.
  6. Once your rafting adventure takes your group to our take-out, your time with us isn’t over. We’ll have a short shuttle back to our Outpost. During the drive back to the Outpost, your guides have been known to pass along a few jokes and point out historic landmarks and points of interest. If you have a good joke, we are sure your guides could us a little fresh material, so bring along your best stand-up.
  7. Once back at the Outpost, you’ll be able to get into some warm dry cotton, and enjoy a slide show of photos (on most rivers), and shop for souvenirs – we do happen to have the largest selection of KODI Rafting apparel in the universe.