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Meeting Place: Top of the Rockies Zip Line

Trip: 2 Hour Prospector Tour

Starting Time: 9:00 am, 12:00 pm or 3:00 pm

Approximate trip time: 2 1/2 hours

Restrictions: 60-260 lbs

Pricing is $150adults and $125 children 12 and under

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Arguably, there is no better way to experience the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains than through one of our ziplining options for your adventure vacations. Spectacular views and thrilling heights open up a whole new appreciation for the beauty of the Colorado forests and mountains. Some of the best zipline tours in the country are right here, and our adventure specialists are experts at helping you take your dream zipline flight. 

But like any good adventure, it’s wise to be prepared. Here are some important tips to keep in mind before you go ziplining in Colorado

What to Remember When You Plan Your Zipline Tour in Colorado

Remember: Safety First

Ziplining is in general very safe, but minor accidents can happen when adventurers don’t pay attention. First, make sure you’re booking your tour with a reputable zipline company. At KODI, we only use the most reputable outfitter with rigorous training. As a rider, pay close attention when you receive instructions, and never remove your safety gear while on the course. Follow directions and you’ll have the time of your life, safely.

Wear the Right Clothing

While we provide all the zipline-specific safety gear you’ll need for your memorable experience for the best zipline in Colorado, you’ll want to dress appropriately for your adventure. Wear secure, closed-toed shoes (no sandals!) and comfortable, form-fitting clothing. Leave any loose items, like scarves, sunglasses, jewelry, and hats in the car. Take any valuables out of your pockets before ziplining, like wallets and keys, or make sure they are very secure in a tightly zipped pocket or connected to a caribener. And since it’s the Rockies, be prepared for the weather to change at any moment of your zipline adventure. Wear layers appropriate for cool temperatures, rain or snow, just in case. 

Be Prepared for Physical Activity

Even though ziplining is friendly for all ages, shapes, and sizes, there will be some physical exertion on your trip. If you’re worried about walking between the platforms, have an extreme fear of heights, or have concerns about weight limits, it’s always best to call ahead and speak to a staff member who can tell you what to expect during your zipline tour.

The Best Zipline Tour in Colorado with KODI Rafting

Explore the wild side of Colorado with the KODI Rafting team! Ride rapids, zipline through mountain forests, and see the great outdoors through exciting custom trip packages. Want to learn more about zipline cost or find the closest location for your next adventure? Contact our friendly team to book the best zipline tour today!