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Departure place: Buena Vista, CO

Suggested departures for same day activities as follows: 

Morning Horseback Ride: 8am with an afternoon raft trip of through Brown’s Canyon National Monument

Morning Raft Trip:  Your choice of rafting adventure with and afternoon horseback ride.

Minimum Age: 5+ pony rides and 7+ for trail rides

Price: $200

Limits: 300lbs for horseback ride

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We do ask that you call us to book so your rafting and horseback riding adventures do not overlap. We can also set you up to spread out the fun across more than one day!

Horses have always played a huge part in Colorado’s history, so why not add in that experience when you come to visit? Among the many adventure vacations that KODI offers, one of the most iconic is the horseback riding tour. 

Why Horseback Riding?

There’s something horseback riding teaches riders about Colorado that’s unique from river rafts. Like what it feels like to move across the open plains or navigate trails surrounded by the woods of aspen, tall pines, and sagebrush, and beautiful wildlife is something you and your family will always remember fondly.

KODI offers the best guided horse riding for kids and adults in Buena Vista, CO, and partners with the very best outfitters in the business. Before you go, make sure you check out some of our trip tips below!

Tips For Horseback Riding Trips

1. Find the correct horse for your skill level

It can be tempting to seek out the most aggressive and wildest horse you can find on your first-time horse riding for adults. But don’t fool yourself; part of horseback riding is relinquishing full control and affording mutual respect to your animal. Never get on a horse that exceeds your skill level.

Your guides will always help you choose the right horse based on your skill level, and it’s important to trust their recommendations to have an ideal horseback riding adventure.

2. Inexperienced riders should never go alone

Horses are majestic, powerful, but potentially dangerous animals. You should not attempt horse riding without the proper experience, and the best way to ride a horse with no experience is to hire a guide to accompany you and take you to known areas.

3. Keep your distance

Although well-trained, horses can still be unpredictable, and they don’t understand how powerful their legs really are compared to humans. When horses get agitated or frightened during horseback riding adventures, they’ll sometimes kick their back legs toward the object or direction of their distress. You do not want to be too close when a horse kicks, so make sure you maintain your distance from the horse in front of you, especially during horse riding for beginners!

4. Learn how to dismount quickly

There may be situations where riders need to perform an emergency dismount if horses are scared or agitated during their ride. Never attempt to diffuse the situation while mounted, as that can lead to injury. Instead, learn how to quickly dismount and de-escalate the situation from the ground.

5. Ride slowly

Just like picking the most powerful horse, it can be tempting for new horseback riders to test their limits by riding aggressively and fast. This is not recommended, and riders should always remain in control and ride their horses at a safe, comfortable pace.

Few Activities Embody the West Like a Good Old-Fashioned Horseback Ride Through the Colorado Mountains

Somehow, wildlife viewing, sightseeing, and simply enjoying the outdoors are just a little better when sitting astride a saddle.

But, what are you to do if you have one day to play and you want horse riding and rafting? Well, you book a Saddle Paddle trip, of course!

Get the best of both worlds with KODI Rafting’s Saddle Paddle. Pair a half day on Brown’s Canyon with horse riding for kids and adults in the Rockies. Make a full day of your horse riding adventure or break up your adventures throughout your stay.

Cool fact: Because horses’ eyes are on the sides of their head, they’re capable of seeing nearly 360 degrees at one time.

*Check-in is required 30 minutes prior to departure time.

**Wetsuits, booties, splash tops, and lunch are included.

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KODI is the leader in horseback riding for kids and adults throughout Colorado, not to mention rafting trips. We have expert riders and rafters to help guide you along your adventure so that you can have a safe, exhilarating, and unforgettable experience. We take pride in providing our services in various Colorado communities. Visit our Locations page for the service area details. 

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