Dolores River Rafting Trips

For those looking for an unforgettable and incredibly unique Colorado white water rafting experience, look no further than KODI Rafting’s three-day/two-night trip down the Dolores river. 

Running through the heart of the American Southwest, the Dolores River takes paddlers to some of the most unspoiled and pristine wilderness in the United States. This stretch of river is lined with brilliant orange and red high sandstone cliffs and ponderosa trees, and you’ll experience everything from awe-inspiring alpine scenery to rugged high desert.

Our Three Day Dolores River Rafting Trip

Our two-day, three-night Dolores River rafting trip begins at around 6,400 feet at Bradfield Bridge. For three days you’ll float through the heart of Colorado where you’ll see the ancient remains of past civilizations in this area, such as the Anasazi ruins and other mysterious petroglyphs.

What To Expect On The Trip

Sleeping Conditions

One of the biggest advantages of an overnight raft trip is that, unlike a wilderness backpacking trip, your guides have plenty of room to pack for luxuries as well as necessities. For instance, the sleeping pads (paco pads) are much thicker and more comfortable than traditional backpacking sleeping pads. 

Guests will tent it and we will provide you with a suggested packing list so you’ll be ultra-prepared for any rain or shine scenarios!


Dolores River rafting trips are anything but roughing it! You’ll enjoy hot meals prepared by your guides on the fire; everything from scrambled eggs and sausage to dutch oven brownies to fresh coffee in the morning, raft guides are some of the best backcountry chefs in the world! They know you need to be fueled up for the next day, and they definitely make sure you don’t go hungry!


Dolores River rafting always carries the possibilities of wildlife, including bighorn sheep, mule deer, river otters, peregrine falcons, and bald eagles. Binoculars are a great addition to your gear list, as sitting by the river spotting wildlife is an excellent way to pass the time while waiting for dinner. 


Dolores River rafting trips feature Class III white water with one easily scouted Class IV+ rapid just to keep it interesting. The real treat on these trips is getting to enjoy two nights in Colorado’s beautiful wilderness after a successful day of navigating the beautiful canyon.

When Dolores River Rafting Trips Run

Due to the early snow run-off in southwestern Colorado, our Dolores River rafting trips run in late April, May, and sometimes early June. But trip slots fill up fast, so reserve yours today!

Dolores river rafting is a smooth and slow paced trip in the heart of Colorado Mountains

Get lost in the red canyons of southwestern Colorado on the Dolores River Three-Day rafting trip. Long recognized as one of the most beautiful multi-day raft trips in the country, the Dolores River offers towering canyon walls, meandering curves, stunning campsites, and stellar whitewater.

Dolores River Three Day Raft Trip