Big Bend Half Day Duckie Trip

Go solo or paddle with a friend in an inflatable one or two-person kayak, also known as a duckie. Big Bend, with its calm water and mild rapids, is the perfect section of the Arkansas River to maneuver your own boat.

Many people come from a long distance to experinece rafting in Colorado and create lifelong memories

Big Bend Half Day Raft Trip

Big Bend is a mild stretch of water on the Arkansas River between Buena Vista and Salida. It passes through farm land, open space, and forests. This section is great if you have young children or are looking for a scenic, mild float with a hint of whitewater.

Duckie Add On

KODI’s Duckie add-on allows you to try your hand at your own kayak, with the ease of being able to swap out from a raft at your leisure.

A couple engaged in zip-lining amid one of our Big Bend river tours

Zip and Raft

Book our Zip and Raft the Arkansas River trip for a morning of rafting Colorado’s favorite whitewater followed by an afternoon of ziplining. - two fun, quintessential Colorado activities in one easy, incredible day.

Off-Road Rentals

Raft the Arkansas River and explore Colorado in a jeep rental or side by side rental. Home to the incredible Arkansas River, Four Mile Recreation Area and the Collegiate Peaks. Buena Vista is the perfect home-base to explore Colorado by rafting and ATV rentals. Choose from 2 door or 4 door vehicles.

Colorado’s Big Bend Rafting Trips

White water rafting in Colorado is world-renown for its adrenaline-pumping white water, unbelievable scenery, and elite guides. Colorado’s stretch of the Arkansas River has everything from Class II – V white water, so you can be sure to find the right trip for you. 

For families that have young children or who may not be looking for the all-out adrenaline rush of a Class IV white water run, our Big Bend rafting trips are an excellent choice. Located in Buena Vista, CO, KODI Rafting’s Big Bend rafting trips cover Class II white water, and it is the perfect mix of excitement and scenery. 

What Is Class II White Water?

Class II white water is comprised of regular, predictable waves in large, unobstructed channels that are easy to navigate.

While Class II white water includes waves that can reach up to three feet high, the risk of injury is very low. Even if paddlers were to fall out, the large unobstructed channels means guides should be able to recover these swimming paddlers rather quickly.

Wildlife In Big Bend Rafting Trips

Colorado’s Rocky Mountain ecosystem is so complex and diverse that it is able to support a wide variety of large mammals, making Big Bend white water rafting trips as much about spotting wildlife as they are about adventure.

As the Arkansas River cuts through Colorado, you’ll pass through wide open spaces, farm land, and beautiful forest, all the while catching glimpses of some of Colorado’s tallest peaks.

Large birds of prey, including falcons and eagles cut across the sky, and you may even be lucky enough to see them scoop a rainbow trout out of the water! Big Bend rafting trips are also known to spot some of the area’s largest mammals, including bighorn sheep, moose, and even bears. You never know what you’ll get to see here!

Big Bend White Water Rafting Trips

Big Bend Rafting Half-Day Trip

Lasting an estimated 2- 2 1/2 hours of water time, our half-day Big Bend white water rafting trip will take you along an incredibly scenic stretch of river with some mild Class II white water. This stretch is perfect for families with small children.

Big Bend Rafting Half-Day Duckie Trip

Following the same route as our half-day Big Bend white water rafting trip, the half-day duckie trip braves the same Class II white water in a small inflatable kayak. The small size of the kayak makes the waves much more challenging, making the half-day duckie trip a perfect choice for families with a thrillseeker. Ask about adding a duckie to any raft trip.

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