A group of tourists having fun with whitewater rafting in daytime

Upper Colorado River Half Day Raft Trip

A popular trip for children and families, the “Upper C” Half Day raft trip offers mild rapids, spectacular wildflowers, sheer granite canyon walls, and forests of blue spruce and Douglas fir trees. Guides also offer information about the area’s history, flora, and fauna.

Adventure awaits you with Colorado river rafting and the best rental equipment you can find

Upper Colorado River Full Day Raft Trip

Soak in the scenery of majestic Gore Canyon and surrounding ranch land on this mellow Colorado River float. This raft trip is perfect for families and younger kids looking to relax under the Colorado sun. It takes you past dinosaur tracks and is complete with a cheese tortellini riverside lunch.

Upper Colorado River Half Day Duckie Trip

KODI’s “Upper C” Full Day Duckie trip takes you on mellow water and chill rapids, making it a great stretch of river to try your hand at paddling your own boat.

If you want to explore the Colorado rivers at your own pace, the duckie float is the best choice.

Upper Colorado River Full Day Duckie Trip

KODI’s “Upper C” Full Day Duckie trip takes you on mellow water and chill rapids, making it a great stretch of river to try your hand at paddling your own boat.

Upper Colorado River Rafting

The headwaters of the Colorado River live high up in the Rocky Mountains, and the river stretches over 1400 miles through Colorado, Arizona, Utah and even Northern Mexico. As one of the oldest and most beautiful natural wonders of our world, there is no better way to explore its beauty than white water rafting the Colorado River, and there’s no better outfitter to take you on the adventure than KODI Rafting.

The Colorado River is home to some of the world’s best white water rafting, but it is also home to gentle, scenic stretches of river that deliver fun and scenery. If you’re looking for beautiful scenery with a splash of adventure, Upper Colorado river rafting is for you.

Upper Colorado Rafting

The Colorado River is home to 54 reservoirs and winds through scenic valleys, meadows and more, all while in the shadow of some of the country’s most majestic high alpine views.

Upper Colorado rafting is perfect for those looking for a stretch of highly scenic river that delivers light excitement without the risks of big water. Featuring Class I-II rapids, Upper Colorado rafting is the perfect trip for the whole family.

Half-Day Duckie Trip

For those looking for a little more adventure on their Upper Colorado river rafting experience, the half-day duckie trip is a fantastic option.

Duckies are inflatable kayaks, and because these are so much smaller than traditional rafts, and because paddlers are so much closer to the water in these smaller boats, even small rapids appear much larger, making the half-day duckie trip the ideal experience for anyone seeking a sportier experience.

Full-Day Duckie Trip

Ready to enjoy a full day of Upper Colorado rafting? Our full-day Upper Colorado rafting duckie trip takes you down the Upper Colorado on a five-day trip where you’ll be able to catch the incredible beauty of the Rockies and maybe even pop into a nearby natural hot spring for a quick dip! 

Overnight Upper Colorado Rafting Trip

Our overnight Upper Colorado trip is an experience you’ll never forget. Your day will start with getting fully outfitted by your expert guide and then heading out to embark on your trip.

One of the best parts of an overnight raft trip is that all of the gear and supplies are taken care of! Your guides will bring all the tents, sleeping bags, and food you need to enjoy your trip. All you need to bring are personal belongings!

After a full day of rafting, you’ll set up camp on the side of the river and enjoy a fresh cooked meal while stargazing beneath the Rocky Mountains.