(877) 747-RAFT

Meeting place: Top of the Rockies Zip Line located between Frisco and Leadville near the summit of Fremont Pass

Starting Time: 9:00 am, 12:00 pm or 3:00 pm

Approximate trip time: 2 hours

Restrictions: 50 lbs. to 260 lbs.

Minimum Age: 4


Rate: $125.00 Per Driver, $65 for Passenger = $190 for Double

Children 4, 5, and 6 are $30.00

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* To ensure your questions regarding COVID and Snowmobile tours are addressed accordingly please call the tour operator directly to book at 970-668-5323

LET’S GO Ride!

Winter weather + Snow Machines = Ultimate Colorado!

This tour features groomed trails and spectacular views of 14,000 feet mountains. It’s great for families with children, single riders looking for a scenic ride, or couples who want to ride together on the same snowmobile. Groomed trails make this ride good for all levels of experience. Parents will enjoy a brief stop so children up to 70 pounds can take a turn driving a kiddie snowmobile in a snowy meadow, while other guests enjoy free-time riding in a scenic practice area.

Know Before You Go: Helmets are mandatory and provided, but bring your own winter gloves! Complimentary coveralls and boots are available if needed, but personal warm winter apparel is appropriate and recommended. Guests must bring goggles or sunglasses as eye protection is not provided.

Cool fact:  In 1909, a man by the name of O.C. Johnson built an over the snow machine that actually went on top of the snow, sometimes. It was roughly ten feet long, used a track design, “one lunger engine”.

*Check-in is required 30 minutes prior to departure time.