Colorado summers are marked by hundreds of rafts floating down the Centennial State’s rivers and for good reason. Rafting is super fun and a wonderful way to spend the day outdoors with family and friends.

If you’ve caught the rafting bug and are thinking about purchasing your own raft, here are some quick and easy guidelines to help you make the right choice.

  1. The larger the boat, the more people and gear it can carry.
  2. The smaller the boat, the more nimble and maneuverable it will probably be and the more exciting the ride in whitewater. Just don’t overload a small boat, because that will affect its maneuverability.
  3. A 12-13-foot raft is comfortable for a maximum of five-six people and a 14-15-footer will work well for up to seven or eight people. For two people, stick to a 12-foot or smaller raft.
  4. For multiday trips for two people, figure on at least a 13-foot raft. For three or four people, you’re looking at a 14-15-foot raft.
  5. A paddleboat means every one of the raft paddles and participates. With an oar boat, one person is in charge of maneuvering the raft.
  6. The wider the boat, the more stable it will be in whitewater. A narrower boat can fit through tighter rocky stretches.
  7. The distance between the side tubes of a raft determines the size of the cooler or dry box that will fit inside.
  8. A wider raft doesn’t necessarily have more interior room. If the boat has larger diameter tubes, that eats into this space.
  9. Have more questions? Contact KODI Rafting. Our rafting guides and experts can help you choose the raft that’s right for you.