Boredom, stress, and a long list of other annoyances may be plaguing your relationship, but they don’t have to. Keep the spark alive between you and your significant other by embarking on an outdoor adventure.

Playing together in the outdoors, be it hiking, skiing, rafting, and more, offers all sorts of relationship-boosting benefits. Think about how good you feel simply getting sun on your face or breathing in fresh airs. Now picture that with your partner and imagine how great it would feel to do it together.

Here are just a few ways an outdoor adventure can strengthen your relationship.

  1. Increase your energy by getting outside. Give it an extra boost by doing something that is physically challenging and includes breathtaking views.
  2. Reduce stress by getting away from it all in the woods, on the river, or on a mountain.
  3. All of the benefits that outdoor adventures offer—exercise, mood-boosting time in the sun (vitamin D), and stress reduction—are all things that can increase libido.
  4. Putting together and executing an outdoor adventure takes time, careful planning, and teamwork. Couples who do this report an increase in trust.
  5. Remote vacations, like those in the outdoors, often force couples to unplug and reconnect.
  6. When you participate in an outdoor adventure that requires some basic survival skills, you’ll probably learn something new about each other.

While not all vacations focus on the great outdoors, the ones that do come with these added benefits associated with spending time in nature, as well as a healthy dose of true adventure. Multi-day camping, hiking, rafting trips, and more offer couples the opportunity for adrenaline-pumping fun far away from the developed world.

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