Zip lining is growing in popularity, especially in Colorado where open space, incredible views, and alpine forests abound.

But zip lining is more than just great views and stellar scenery. Zip lining is an activity in nature that defies, well… nature.

A zip line ride creates the illusion of flying, a feat humans have sought for centuries. From Orville and Wilbur Wright piloting the first powered airplane to modern day base jumpers in squirrel suits, there’s something in our DNA that makes us want to experience the sensation of flight.

Seeing as we haven’t yet figured out a way to grow feathers, a trip through an aerial park on a zip line is a terrific way to get that fix.

There’s more to zip lining than simply flying. The very act of strapping on a harness and connecting it to a wire causes you to break out of your shell.  Zip lining also offers an excellent opportunity to bond with colleagues, friends, and family members. There’s nothing like a shared adrenaline experience to bring people together.

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