What to do in Colorado During the Winter if You Don’t Ski

Will you be in Colorado this winter? Do you NOT ski? Have no fear. Colorado is a winter wonderland offering plenty of fun activities that don’t require a chairlift, a pair of poles, or a snowboard.

Check out these activities and before you know it, you’ll fall in love with Colorado’s winters.


Combine the thrill of a high-speed ride with snowy alpine scenery and you’ve just discovered why snowmobiling is so popular in Colorado. With more than 3,000 miles of snowmobiling trails throughout the state, you won’t have trouble finding a place to rent a fleet and take a snowmobile ride in Colorado.

Book a snowmobile tour with KODI Rafting. 


Winter weather + ziplining + snow cats = ultimate Colorado!

Relax and enjoy the views in cozy comfort as you are transported almost 1,000 vertical feet in a Snow Coach to the first zip line departure deck. Look for possible wildlife as the driver points out areas of interest and gives commentary about the history of the area.

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All you need is an incline and some snow to enjoy this classic activity. Sledding isn't just for kids. People of any age love going fast and taking daring jumps.

Ice Skating

Colorado is filled with mountain lakes, which means there are lots of opportunities for ice skating each winter. There are also numerous indoor rinks scattered across the state with open skate times.

Hot Springs

When it’s snowing, it’s the perfect time to take a dip. Yep, that's right. Our famous hot springs are filled with delectably warm water and are ideal for watching the snow fall.

Ice Fishing

Fishing season doesn't have to end just because the lakes freeze up. Drill a hole, set up a tent, and wait to bait a big one. If you don't have the necessary equipment, most equipment is available to rent near popular ice fishing spots.


Snowshoeing is simply hiking... on snow! The difference, however, are the majestic white landscapes that come with snowfall. There's nothing quite like the serenity of a snow-covered Colorado forest.

Dog Sledding

Take your animal-loving friends and family members on a dog sledding trip. These mountain dogs love pulling you across vast, snowy landscapes with stellar views all around.

Ice Climbing

This activity is for the adventurous looking to step out of their comfort zone. Make it to the top of an ice-filled gorge and you'll feel like a true badass.

Train Rides

Colorado offers several historical train rides, many of which operate throughout the winter. These tourist trains are especially popular during the holidays when Santa is known to jump aboard and hand out small treats.

Zip Lining is Amazing and Here’s Why

Zip lining is growing in popularity, especially in Colorado where open space, incredible views, and alpine forests abound.

But zip lining is more than just great views and stellar scenery. Zip lining is an activity in nature that defies, well… nature.

A zip line ride creates the illusion of flying, a feat humans have sought for centuries. From Orville and Wilbur Wright piloting the first powered airplane to modern day base jumpers in squirrel suits, there’s something in our DNA that makes us want to experience the sensation of flight.

Seeing as we haven’t yet figured out a way to grow feathers, a trip through an aerial park on a zip line is a terrific way to get that fix.

There’s more to zip lining than simply flying. The very act of strapping on a harness and connecting it to a wire causes you to break out of your shell.  Zip lining also offers an excellent opportunity to bond with colleagues, friends, and family members. There’s nothing like a shared adrenaline experience to bring people together.

Experience the adrenaline rush, the views, and the memories you'll make on a Colorado zip line adventure with KODI Rafting and Top of the Rockies Zip Line. Contact KODI Rafting today to book your zip line trip.

Here’s an idea! Pair your zip line adventure with a half day KODI rafting trip for a full day of adventure.

Low Water Flow and No Snow… Now What?

It’s fall in Colorado. The river is too low to run and there’s no snow for skiing. So, now what?

The good news is this is Colorado, where there is always an amazing outdoor activity waiting for you.

Check out our list of favorite fall activities that don’t require snow or flow.

Soaking in Hot Springs

Colorado hot springs are ideal when there’s a crisp in the air. Submerge yourself in warm water as the sun shines above you or the stars twinkle. Great for individuals and families alike, there are hot springs in almost all parts of the state.

Bike Riding

Trails are still game before the snow falls. Plus, the cooler weather seems to add to one’s endurance level. Ride through aspen forests and take in the changing leaves or hit up a paved path in the mountains or the city. You’ll get stellar views wherever you choose to ride.


While the quintessential Colorado activity is available year-round, fall is especially wonderful. The aspens change into shades of red and gold and the air just smells sweeter. And with most of the tourists gone, you’re more likely to discover total and absolute solitude.

Listening to Elk Bugle

Every September and October, Rocky Mountain National Park becomes the stage for one of the greatest shows of the animal kingdom—the elk rut. In laymen’s terms, that’s mating season, when bull elk call loudly (the official term is bugle) and strut their stuff in order to attract and defend mates. Viewing this spectacle is easy. You’re almost guaranteed a front-row seat.

Three Tips for Finding a Trusted Rafting Outfitter

If you’re planning your first river trip, you want to make sure you choose a rafting outfitter that’s going to make your experience on the river as incredible as it can be. Several factors comprise great river trips. From safety to fun and everything in between, each of those factors should be considered when choosing a rafting outfitter.

We know, considering all of these factors makes the choice sound intimidating. Top it off with the fact Colorado has dozens of raft companies to choose from, and the job borders on overwhelming. However, if you follow our advice, you’re sure to find the rafting company that’s right for you.

While planning, we think everybody should pay attention to these three major details about the river rafting company you intend to book your trip with.

A Spotless Safety Record

The dangers of whitewater are no joke, so you want a river outfitter that has an excellent safety record. It should have the right safety equipment and offer straightforward, easy to understand safety demonstrations that will keep you safe.

Personable Guides

Establishing rapport with people starts with good conversation. Your guide should have the patience to chat with his or her guests as well as be able to talk comfortably about the surrounding wildlife and river history. In return, Your guide will be able to evaluate the comfort level of everyone in the boat before "testing the waters" so to speak. Do you prefer to hit the fun splashy stuff or stay as dry as possible? Either way, a personable guide will make or break your river trip.

Variety of Trips

There is no universal trip right for everybody. Make sure you inform the rafting company about the age, physical condition and swimming ability of each member of your group.

A good river outfitter has a variety of trips to choose from and informed staff who help you find the perfect whitewater rafting trip for you!

Go online for a sense of these factors. When you've narrowed down your options, give them a call and get more details. Ask yourself, are they friendly, do they answer all your questions, are they pushy or don’t seem like they have the time to answer all your questions?  You can get a great feel for the company by their reservation staff, as it usually will translate into the guide staff on the river.

Five Reasons Fall Rafting Rocks

Here’s a little secret. Some tourist flock to Colorado to ski, while others come in the summer to hike, raft, and fish. But, did you know fall is actually the ideal time to visit Colorado? And though the river is lower than in the spring and summer, would you ever guess it’s still a great time to raft?

Those of us at KODI Rafting love hitting the river in the fall, and here are five reasons why:

  1. Fall in Colorado is gorgeous. Aspens change to shades of red and gold making for lovely patches of color throughout the mountains. There’s nothing quite like it, and it’s only available after Labor Day.
  2. Low water makes for unique adventures. You may not get the big whitewater you get in June, but a rockier ride leads to technical rapids and lots of exciting bumps and turns.
  3. The crowds are gone, making your trip down the river more intimate. Towns also have fewer tourists, so grabbing a bite to eat or navigating shops and sidewalks is easier.
  4. With the cooler, but still warm, weather, the fall is a great time to take a dip in some hot springs. Buena Vista boasts two resorts as does Steamboat Springs, which is a short drive from our Kremmling outpost.
  5. The sun just seems to give off incredible colors in the fall and Colorado’s wildlife becomes more active as it prepares for winter. If you keep a lookout, you might spot a fox, some deer, or even a mountain lion from your raft.

Experience the splendor of a Colorado fall with KODI Rafting. We have dozens of trips to choose from. Give us a call. We’ll hook you up!

Five Reasons to Book a Horseback Riding Trip in Colorado

Sure, we love our rivers here in Colorado, but they’re just one piece of our breathtaking landscapes. Beyond the canyons and banks surrounding our whitewater are tree-filled mountains, wildflower-strewn meadows, snowy peaks, and more. While many people choose to hike into the backcountry to experience all this wonder, we’d like to recommend horseback riding as an alternative method for exploring Colorado’s nooks and crannies.

The following are five reason we think horseback riding in Colorado is the best:

  1. Colorado is steeped in western heritage, and there's no better way to experience it than firsthand on one of its many ranches.
  2. Colorado’s mountain vistas always look more stunning with a horse in the picture.
  3. Children as young as five years old may participate on trail rides, and even little tots under the age of five can take a pony ride at some stables. Take photos of your ride for memories that will last a lifetime.
  4. Horses are incredible animals. They are large, majestic, and emotional creatures. It's not hard to form an unbreakable bond with horses, even during the short time of your ride. The connection that forms between rider and horse is one you'll always remember.
  5. Colorado is blessed with an abundance of wide-open spaces and wilderness. Hidden away are mountain trails so rugged, the only way to access them is on foot—or, even better, on hoof!

KODI Rafting makes booking a horseback riding adventure easy. Simply call our reservations specialists, and they’ll set you up. Better yet, pair a horseback ride with a raft trip by booking a Saddle Paddle adventure.

What to Expect on Your KODI Whitewater Rafting Trip

So, you’ve decided to raft. Good for you! In our opinion, a day on the river is better than just about anything else! Whether you’re floating through Browns Canyon National Monument or taking a quick trip down Clear Creek, we want to make sure KODI Rafting is everything you expect us to be.

Once you find the perfect raft trip for your family or group, this is what you can expect during your day on the river.

You’ll arrive at your designated outpost 30 minutes before your trip’s departure. This gives us time to meet and outfit your group and have you fill out a waiver.Since we experience such a variety in weather patterns and water levels throughout the summer, we suggest making a “Game-Time Decision” as to what gear you’ll need for the day. Our expert staff will help with the decision making.

We won’t let you raft without a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and a helmet on most rivers. If you choose to slip into a wetsuit, neoprene booties, or a splash top, you’ll have time to get these, too. You’ll store personal belongings in your car, and we’ll hold onto your keys at each outpost.

At the designated departure time, we’ll head to the put-in where your trip leader will give you a KODI pre-trip briefing. He or she will explain all of the “what-if” questions for the day, just like airline instructions do prior to takeoff.You’ll then be divided into rafts, which hold between six and 10 rafters. Your boat guide will give you a little more instruction as to how to sit in the boat, how to paddle, and how they will call out paddle commands.

If you are out with us for a full day adventure on the Upper Colorado or on the Arkansas River, your guides will prepare a hot riverside meal for you while you snack on an appetizer of veggies and dip. KODI lunches also include lemonade and cookies for dessert.

KODI Rafting works with expert photographers who capture the perfect picture of you working your way down an amazing Colorado river. Strategically positioned, these photographers snap a series of photos of your boat as it passes by. Depending on the river you choose, photos will either be displayed at our outpost for you to review or available online shortly after your trip.

Your time with us isn’t quite over once you reach the take-out. You’ll take a short shuttle back to the outpost, during which time, our guides have been known to pass along a few jokes and point out historic landmarks and points of interest. If you have a good joke, we’re sure your guides could us a little fresh material, so bring along your best stand-up.

Back at the outpost, you’ll be able to get into some dry clothes, enjoy a slide show of your adventure (on most rivers), and shop for souvenirs. We happen to have the largest selection of KODI Rafting apparel in the universe.

A Guide to Tipping Your Raft Guide

Great KODI raft guides turn an average rafting experience into an amazing rafting adventure you’ll remember always. If your KODI raft guide has given you an experience to last a lifetime, consider rewarding him or her with a tip at the end of your trip.

While all river guides can get you down the river, the great ones add excitement and fun while ensuring your safety is their number one concern.

A great whitewater river guide also treats each guest with respect and exhibits genuine enthusiasm toward introducing you to the wonders of the river.

A strong guide adds items such as local historical, area wildlife, or geological information to their conversations in the raft. Most importantly, an excellent guide is flexible and attentive to the needs and queries of rafting guests of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

So, you want to tip your KODI raft guide. But, how much?

The amount you tip is really up to you. Raft guiding is considered a service industry and many people believe anyone in the service industry, like restaurants, hotel employees, and hairdressers, should get between 10 % to 20% of the total cost of the service. For example, if your trip was $200 and your guide made your experience a memorable one, a $20 – $40 tip would be generous and greatly appreciated!

Tips can be given directly to your guide at the end of your trip or handed off to office personnel at the appropriate KODI outpost. If you forget to tip or run out of money, ask management about using a credit card for tipping. But remember, guides prefer cash.

If you aren’t tipping at all or tipping less than the recommended amount, explain your reasoning. It may make for an awkward moment, but there’s one invaluable word any working stiff can relate to—feedback.

Colorado Rafting Packing List

For many of our rafters, a trip with KODI is their first trip on the river, and almost every one of them is bound to ask, “What should I pack anyway?”

If you’re about to take your first whitewater rafting trip, let us tell you the items you need to pack to make your day on the river as fantastic as possible.

Please know KODI Rafting supplies almost everything you’ll need for your Colorado whitewater raft trip. However, we did say almost everything. Here’s what we suggest you bring:

Comfortable, secure footwear
The best type of footwear to wear are sandals with a secure strap around the ankle. This does not mean Crocs or flip flops, but something secure like Tevas, Chacos, etc. If you don’t have sandals like this, a breathable pair of sneakers works, too. KODI also rents river booties for $5 for a full day and $3 for a half day at some of its outposts.

A bathing suit
Because of Colorado’s quickly changing temperatures and the fact that you may get wet, it’s best to bring layers of clothing on your trip. The base of these layers should be a bathing suit. If it gets hot out, you’ll be happy to be wearing one!

Workout clothing (or synthetic material)
Avoid cotton, jeans, and long pants if possible. Comfortable, quick-drying clothing is great. Any outdoor gear such as neoprene, polypropylene, wool, or fleece is best.

Sunglasses WITH a secure strap
Colorado’s sun is strong and so are many of our rapids. Combine those and you’ll want to make sure your glasses don’t get lost in the river.

Our beautiful blue skies and high elevation make for crazy sunburns. Always protect yourself with sunscreen.

Not only is paddling a raft a lot of physical work, most of our river trips are at high elevation where water is even more important to stay hydrated. Pack a bottle of water to keep it on hand in the boat.

A pair of clothes to change into after your trip
When you’re done with your trip, you may be wet or cold or both! You’ll be glad to have a pair of dry clothes waiting for you at the take-out.

Give the Gift of Adventure with KODI Rafting

When it comes to gifts, giving things is good but giving experiences is far better. Next time you need to buy a gift, give the gift of adventure. Your friends and family are sure to love an experience they'll remember long after the trip is over.

Even though our rafting and adventure trips run mostly during the summer months, you can give the gift of adventure year-round.

With KODI Rafting, it’s easy to purchase gift certificates online. You can give a dollar amount or choose from our list of rafting or adventure trips. We can even personalize an itinerary for you. Just give us a call and we’ll craft the perfect adventure for your gift.

Some gift ideas…

Gift certificates are perfect for birthdays, holidays, family reunions, anniversaries, and more. What about that upcoming bachelor party or girls getaway? Treat your friends to memories that will last a lifetime.

It’s also possible to send a gift certificate to your recipient’s email along with a personalized message. So, if you’re a last-minute shopper, this is the perfect way to have adventure show up in someone’s inbox right away.

If you have a river or outdoors lover in your life or are looking for a special way to celebrate this summer, consider giving the gift of adventure with KODI Rafting.