Tourist boats going forward while Clear Creek whitewater rafting

Clear Creek Beginner Rafting Trip

Great for families and beginners alike, this Idaho Springs rafting trip takes you through a historic mining town on a continuous class II – class III Colorado whitewater adventure. This section of Clear Creek is surrounded by beautiful alpine trees and has rapids ideal for inexperienced paddlers.

Tourist group having fun while Clear Creek rafting in Colorado

Clear Creek Half Day Intermediate Raft Trip

Our intermediate Idaho Springs river rafting trip is a great choice for thrill-seekers and adventurous first-time rafters alike. Clear Creek is located just west of Denver and includes some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country.

Group of tourists in a boat enjoying rafting in Colorado

Clear Creek Half Day Advanced Raft Trip

This Idaho Springs rafting trip is for serious paddlers who want continuous class II – class IV Colorado whitewater. It begins with the Meat-n-Beef and Lumpy’s rapids just east of Georgetown and is followed by rapids with names like Nomad and Phoenix Holes.

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Clear Creek is located in Idaho Springs, CO and just a short drive from Denver! The Creek features Class II – IV white water rafting, making it the perfect stretch for rafters of all levels. Beginners will appreciate the heart-pounding drops while experienced paddlers will love the skill and expertise it takes to position a boat just right in the powerful rapids.

Clear Creek One-Third Day Beginner Trip – Great option for participants aged 6-13!

The One-Third Day Beginner Trip features Class II – III rapids and is best for families and beginners. This section of Clear Creek is surrounded by scenic alpine trees and perfect for paddlers just looking to get started in white water rafting.

Half-Day Intermediate Clear Creek Rafting Trip – For teams and participants 14+

The Half-Day Clear Creek rafting trip is perfect for experienced paddlers and adventurous beginners alike. Featuring Class II – IV rapids, our half-day Clear Creek rafting trip takes paddlers past rugged granite cliffs and towering pine trees, ending with a float through the historic mining town of Idaho Springs.


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Tips To Remember For White Water Rafting

1. Prepare for the elements

Colorado’s weather can be unpredictable, so make sure you’re ready for nearly every weather condition. 


2. Dress to swim

Even if you don’t fall out of the boat, you’ll have a chance to hop out and cool off in the pristine waters of Clear Creek. Cotton gets very cold when it gets wet, so make sure to wear quick-drying clothing made of synthetic materials like polyester.


3. Leave the valuables behind

We’re telling you, you don’t need to bring your Gucci sunglasses on the raft. Instead, bring cheap sunglasses that you would be ok losing, as Clear Creek rafting can be unpredictable. 

The same goes for expensive hats. Jewelry should never be brought on the boat. Not only do you not need it on the water, but it poses a serious safety hazard if you were to fall in the water.


4. Hydrate and Fuel

Rafting is a work out, and the sun and elevation can effect everyone differently, so be sure to hydrate and fuel up before-hand.  We don’t stop for snacks and discourage generating potential trash on the river. Full day trips do offer a riverside lunch

And don’t forget to share with your guides!


5.Listen to your guide

Always listen to your guides! They have extensive medical and safety training, and their number one priority is guest safety. Help them do their job! Not only will you have a better experience, but you’ll have a better chance of staying in the boat too.

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