Colorado’s snow-capped peaks have starring roles in the Centennial State Show, drawing thousands of visitors every year to ski their powdery slopes.

But when the ski season ends, these snow-capped peaks perform an encore. With warmer temperatures, snowpack on Colorado’s highest peaks turns into runoff that feeds the state’s creeks and rivers to the delight of rafters and kayakers.

Peak flows on Colorado’s rivers begin in late May and last until the third week of June. During these weeks, it’s about big waves, big holes, and big moves, making for lots of fun. These large waves and high water attract active and adventurous paddlers willing to get wet and paddle hard.

If you’re planning a vacation to Colorado or are a local wanting to book a high-adventure raft trip from late May through June, consider rafting the following rivers where spring runoff can create really big waves.

Arkansas River in central Colorado

Clear Creek 30 minutes from Denver

Colorado River in central Colorado

Blue River in central Colorado

Dolores River in southwestern Colorado

While rapid classification on each of these rivers is available, it can be misleading since every body of water is apt to contain rapids of varying intensity during spring runoff. Ever-changing water levels combined with Colorado’s tantrum-prone weather can also make a stretch of river easier one day and much more difficult the next. Get the details you need for each river. Call KODI Rafting today at 970-669-1548.

As a quick recommendation from KODI Rafting, novices interested in whitewater rafting should start smaller and work their way up. We suggest booking a Mild Float or a Fun for Everyone raft trip.