Travel internationally this year and experience a multi-sport trip in the heart of Patagonia! Activities on KODI’s Chile adventure include whitewater rafting, hiking, horseback riding, fly fishing, yoga, and mountain biking. Stay at a deluxe riverside adventure camp with a hot tub, a sunset bar, massages, wine tasting, and more!

The core of your trip will be whitewater rafting down the Rio Futaleufu & Rio Azul where you’ll raft class IV to class V whitewater.  Read on for little more info on these two awesome rivers!

Rio Futaleufu

The Futaleufu River is known in whitewater circles as one of the most stunning and challenging rivers in the world. It’s an exhilarating whitewater power storm with a life force of turquoise, champagne-like water. Riding the spine of this river as it flows through this isolated portion of the glaciated Chilean Andes is an unparalleled experience.

Rio Azul

The headwaters of the Rio Azul lie deep in a glacial river valley to the west of the Futaleufu River. The Rio Azul is one of the colder rivers in the region because it is glacial fed rather than lake fed, which tends to increase the temperature of other rivers in the valley. Because the Azul River has no lake as its source, it’s also prone to wild fluctuations in water level and is often the quickest river to respond to changes in precipitation in the Futaleufu River Valley. When the Azul is running, it offers whitewater paddlers some of the best play features and scenery in the valley.