You’ve fallen in the love with the river. You’ve floated, you’ve jumped in, and you’ve swum. The river, you feel, is where you belong and where you find peace. So, maybe it’s time to consider becoming a raft guide.

Before you commit, take a guided trip (or two) and get to know your guide. Ask him or her about the lifestyle and try to get a feel if this is something you really want to do. If you like the company you rafted with, ask the guide how you can work there next summer and take home an application.

The application process and the interview tend to be the easiest part. Show your enthusiasm and you might get hired. But, that’s just the beginning. Next comes training.

If you do get hired, it’s always a good idea to be in your top shape before the training course and the season begins. The rowing machine at the gym is going to be your best bet because that’s what you’ll be doing… all summer long. Great raft guides have high energy and stamina and starting the season strong really helps with this.

Most tour companies run their own training programs. These can change season to season. But generally, you can expect several weeks of intense, physical activity, water safety instruction, and more. This can also be viewed as a try-out for newbies as it really gives a sense of a raft guide’s expectations and what life on the river is all about.

While training for a whitewater rafting job is tough, it’s also rewarding. Train with KODI Rafting and meet new friends who also love living and working outside.

Our professional raft guide training program begins mid-May and lasts 10 days. It’s a great way to experience and learn more about the river in an individualized, student-teacher setting. You’ll get daily, intensive instruction in guiding oar and paddle rafts with hands-on practice in a supportive environment.

We’ll invest in you if you dedicate the time and energy to invest in developing your skills with us. Our whitewater jobs training program is not for everyone, but it may just be the most rewarding summer job you’ll ever have!

Apply to be a raft guide today!