For many of our rafters, a trip with KODI is their first trip on the river, and almost every one of them is bound to ask, “What should I pack anyway?”

If you’re about to take your first whitewater rafting trip, let us tell you the items you need to pack to make your day on the river as fantastic as possible.

Please know KODI Rafting supplies almost everything you’ll need for your Colorado whitewater raft trip. However, we did say almost everything. Here’s what we suggest you bring:

Comfortable, secure footwear
The best type of footwear to wear are sandals with a secure strap around the ankle. This does not mean Crocs or flip flops, but something secure like Tevas, Chacos, etc. If you don’t have sandals like this, a breathable pair of sneakers works, too. KODI also rents river booties for $5 for a full day and $3 for a half day at some of its outposts.

A bathing suit
Because of Colorado’s quickly changing temperatures and the fact that you may get wet, it’s best to bring layers of clothing on your trip. The base of these layers should be a bathing suit. If it gets hot out, you’ll be happy to be wearing one!

Workout clothing (or synthetic material)
Avoid cotton, jeans, and long pants if possible. Comfortable, quick-drying clothing is great. Any outdoor gear such as neoprene, polypropylene, wool, or fleece is best.

Sunglasses WITH a secure strap
Colorado’s sun is strong and so are many of our rapids. Combine those and you’ll want to make sure your glasses don’t get lost in the river.

Our beautiful blue skies and high elevation make for crazy sunburns. Always protect yourself with sunscreen.

Not only is paddling a raft a lot of physical work, most of our river trips are at high elevation where water is even more important to stay hydrated. Pack a bottle of water to keep it on hand in the boat.

A pair of clothes to change into after your trip
When you’re done with your trip, you may be wet or cold or both! You’ll be glad to have a pair of dry clothes waiting for you at the take-out.