Here’s a little secret. Some tourist flock to Colorado to ski, while others come in the summer to hike, raft, and fish. But, did you know fall is actually the ideal time to visit Colorado? And though the river is lower than in the spring and summer, would you ever guess it’s still a great time to raft?

Those of us at KODI Rafting love hitting the river in the fall, and here are five reasons why:

  1. Fall in Colorado is gorgeous. Aspens change to shades of red and gold making for lovely patches of color throughout the mountains. There’s nothing quite like it, and it’s only available after Labor Day.
  2. Low water makes for unique adventures. You may not get the big whitewater you get in June, but a rockier ride leads to technical rapids and lots of exciting bumps and turns.
  3. The crowds are gone, making your trip down the river more intimate. Towns also have fewer tourists, so grabbing a bite to eat or navigating shops and sidewalks is easier.
  4. With the cooler, but still warm, weather, the fall is a great time to take a dip in some hot springs. Buena Vista boasts two resorts as does Steamboat Springs, which is a short drive from our Kremmling outpost.
  5. The sun just seems to give off incredible colors in the fall and Colorado’s wildlife becomes more active as it prepares for winter. If you keep a lookout, you might spot a fox, some deer, or even a mountain lion from your raft.

Experience the splendor of a Colorado fall with KODI Rafting. We have dozens of trips to choose from. Give us a call. We’ll hook you up!