At any stage in your life, there are those girlfriends who know you better than anyone and who love you for who you are… weird habits and all. These are the girlfriends with whom you can do nothing with, and yet that time together ranks as some of the best.

Time spent with these girlfriends, those the universe knew you needed, can bring smiles in times of hardship and peace in times of stress, making it a huge benefit to your body, mind, and soul. In fact, scientific studies have actually stated that take to spend with your best girlfriends actually extends life expectancy, cuts down the risk of heart disease, and helps us tolerate pain… physically and mentally.

Need more excuses to get away with your girls? Here are five reasons every woman needs a girls’ weekend.

1. You’ll feel more connected
2. There’s free reign to chat about whatever
3. Complete relaxation is very, very important, i.e. a break from daily responsibilities
4. Girlfriends spice things up
5. Weekend getaway help you live your best life

KODI Rafting is here to plan your perfect girlfriend getaway. Our rafting trips offer excitement and relaxation. Laugh and chat on mellow water and then brace yourself for some rapids. Pair your raft trip with a soak in some local hot springs, a zipline tour, or a bike tour. KODI rafting has the girls weekend itinerary ideal for you and your friends. Contact us to learn more.