It’s fall in Colorado. The river is too low to run and there’s no snow for skiing. So, now what?

The good news is this is Colorado, where there is always an amazing outdoor activity waiting for you.

Check out our list of favorite fall activities that don’t require snow or flow.

Soaking in Hot Springs

Colorado hot springs are ideal when there’s a crisp in the air. Submerge yourself in warm water as the sun shines above you or the stars twinkle. Great for individuals and families alike, there are hot springs in almost all parts of the state.

Bike Riding

Trails are still game before the snow falls. Plus, the cooler weather seems to add to one’s endurance level. Ride through aspen forests and take in the changing leaves or hit up a paved path in the mountains or the city. You’ll get stellar views wherever you choose to ride.


While the quintessential Colorado activity is available year-round, fall is especially wonderful. The aspens change into shades of red and gold and the air just smells sweeter. And with most of the tourists gone, you’re more likely to discover total and absolute solitude.

Listening to Elk Bugle

Every September and October, Rocky Mountain National Park becomes the stage for one of the greatest shows of the animal kingdom—the elk rut. In laymen’s terms, that’s mating season, when bull elk call loudly (the official term is bugle) and strut their stuff in order to attract and defend mates. Viewing this spectacle is easy. You’re almost guaranteed a front-row seat.