Whitewater is on your bucket list for adventure trips, and we are here to add to exploring the mountains with exhilarating bike rental and guided tour services. A Pedal Paddle trip starts at a location convenient to you!  Whether you are just renting a bike for the day to cruise the County or are looking to take on Vail Pass, one of the many rental companies in the area has got your back! When available, they will whisk you to the top of Vail Pass in a specially equipped vans. Your mountain bike rental specialists will show you the paved trail that will take you to the Town of Frisco, passing through Copper Mountain Resort, and then the beautiful Ten Mile Canyon along a rushing stream.

After a 12-mile ride down Vail Pass (transportation to the top is provided), your bike rental guide suggests a rest to stretch, hydrate, get a bite to eat, and prepare for the next step in your adventure. Two hours will be enough to recharge your batteries and look forward to more excitement in the great outdoors. Continue on into Frisco or take the shuttle back into town after your ride down the Vail Pass bike path.

Colorado Bike Rentals for the Entire Family!

Check out the Vail Pass Bike Tour for bike rental enthusiasts is an excellent opportunity to spend quality (and healthy) time with your family. This adventure is the right choice for children as young as seven years old. They need to control their bike and know how to brake on hills, so make sure your children have at least some cycling skills – a mountain bike rental adventure is not for young learners and bike trailers are not available. However, after your guided tour feel free to attach a trailer of your own and take advantage of the full day use of your bike!

If everyone in your group masters their bike, feel free to challenge yourselves with a bike cruise around Lake Dillon or ride to Breckenridge. You will need 4 to 6 hours to complete the bike rental tour since you will be stopping along the way to admire the landscape, smell the flowers, and take some photos. Just remember that this trip includes a 10-mile mostly downhill trail with some uphill gradient between Copper Mountain to Frisco if you skip the return shuttle, so get your muscles ready for some effort and make sure you have plenty of water and sunscreen with you.

Enjoy the Freedom of Exploring Nature with Mountain Bike Rental!

If you don’t need a guide, we won’t cramp your style! Book your bike rental, make sure you arrive 30 minutes early, and you’re off to explore the Colorado Mountains. All you need to remember is our business hours and the place where you left your car parked.

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