The Perfect Buena Vista, Colorado Vacation: A Three-Day Itinerary

From your drive into the Arkansas River Valley, you can tell Buena Vista bursts with outdoor recreational opportunities.

Fourteen thousand-foot peaks line one side of the valley while the Buffalo Peaks line the other. Together, they provide miles upon miles of trails for hiking, ATVing, horseback riding, and mountain biking. And during certain weeks each year, these mountains become a hunter’s paradise.

Buena Vista also has a darling Main Street made up of boutique shops selling vintage and handmade items, bike gear, art, and more. There are also several options for coffee, lunch, and satisfying your sweet tooth, making a stroll along Main Street a delightful event.

Close to downtown are two hot springs resorts, always a favorite among visitors. At night, during the summer, free music is offered at several different locations. Just a short drive away, adventurous visitors can soar among the tree on a zip line.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Gold Medal Arkansas River. World-renowned for its amazing whitewater, Buena Vista’s pride and joy has brought rafters and kayakers to the Arkansas River Valley decade after decade.

With so many options for your Buena Vista vacation, how will you ever squeeze everything in during a three-day visit? Contact KODI Rafting. We can help.

KODI’s reservations specialists can hook you up with many Buena Vista activities, making scheduling a breeze! Here’s what we recommend.

Day One:

Start with a full day on the river, of course! From Buena Vista, you can spend a day rafting Browns Canyon National Monument. Not only is this our most popular trip, we’ll also serve you a riverside lunch.

Day Two:

Take a horseback ride in the morning and a dip in some hot springs in the afternoon. If you’re sore from your ride, a soak in our natural hot springs is the perfect cure.

Day Three:

Start the last day of your Buena Vista vacation with something bold—zip lining! KODI Rafting will book your morning zip line at Top of the Rockies Zip Line located between Frisco and Leadville near the Summit of Fremont Pass.

Finish up your amazing three days in Buena Vista with a simple hike. We have dozens of trails with varying degrees of difficulty. Take this time to reflect on your visit and soak in Buena Vista’s breathtaking scenery.

Avoid I-70. Take the Road Less Traveled.

Denver is a super popular vacation destination, and why wouldn’t it be? This booming city has culture, sports, and is close to Colorado's famed Rocky Mountains where you'll find an abundance of outdoor recreational activities.

Unfortunately, getting into the mountains can be tough, especially when traffic along the I-70 corridor slows you down.

Don’t let bumper to bumper traffic steal precious Colorado vacation time. Book a Colorado raft trip with KODI Rafting. We have rafting trips in Buena Vista that avoid I-70’s traffic by taking you along Highway 285.

This less-traveled route goes through Bailey, over Kenosha Pass, and into South Park (yes, that South Park) before dropping you into Buena Vista.

Buena Vista is a small—but growing—mountain town. From rafting and mountain biking to hiking and rock climbing, this Colorado gem has it all.

Buena Vista is considered by many to be the whitewater capital of the United States, and for good reason! The Arkansas River, Colorado’s #1 rafted river, runs right through town and offers several access points just a short drive from Main Street.

From Buena Vista, you can also raft Browns Canyon National Monument, a breathtaking canyon featuring granite cliffs, colorful rock outcroppings, and drastic elevation changes ranging from 7,300 to 10,000 feet.

KODI Rafting offers the following Buena Vista raft trips: